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Top Liquid Cooling Systems

High-end CPUs will typically generate a lot of extra heat, so to keep them from overheating or getting damaged, it’s highly suggested that you purchase a liquid cooler. Why not typical fan cooling? Isn’t air cooling good enough? Are liquid coolers worth the added cost? Well, simply put, the answer is yes. Liquid cooling provides much better performance, except it’s not always simply just to keep the temperatures of your CPU low. Usually it’s much better to choose liquid cooling over air cooling because it will usually help keep your system stable in the long run.

If you’ve decided that it’s due time to eliminate the heat that may be slowly impacting your CPU, and you’re ready to buy a liquid cooling system, there are quite a few things you’ll need to consider.


First things first, you’ll need to check if the cooler you’re looking at is even compatible with your computer’s case. Another extremely important component of a liquid cooler is the radiator, and they will usually be found in sizes anywhere from 120mm to about 280mm in length. You’ll also have to check what the maximum sized radiator that will fit in your case. This can be done checking your computer case’s specifications. Another important thing that you’ll need to consider is the radiator’s thickness.


Don’t let yourself get caught buying a liquid cooler simply because it’s flashy and colorful. Some brands advertise amazing performance, but in every situation, you need to check to see what you need in a cooler before making your purchase. Like other components in your computer, you’ll be able to find coolers in all price ranges. Manufacturer’s also sometimes add things such as LED lighting or even fan controls which are interesting, but you may not care about these, and they do come with a higher price tag. Even a low priced liquid cooling system can vastly impact the temperatures of your CPU when upgrading from a standard air cooler.

Below we’ve listed the choices that we think are the best choices to go with if you’re looking for a liquid cooling system. They won’t all be the top priced ones, they’ll only be high quality coolers at every price point. Only coolers that have been carefully researched and determined to be worth the money will be on this list. If you’re ready to take the next step to dramatically lower your CPU temperatures, this is a very worthwhile investment to make.

Corsair CW-9060007-WW Hydro Series High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler H60

The Corsair H60 Liquid Cooler offers incredible value and cooling power for its insanely low price. It also has a new SP120L fan model that’s designed to make less noise but perform better experience to keep your CPU cooler than ever.

In terms of sheer performance, this is a great choice. Corsair never drops the ball when it comes to quality and craftsmanship. The cold plate also comes with the thermal compound pre-applied, for that extra convenience, and is made of copper which has a much higher thermal conductivity level than other coolers on the market currently.

The installation is quick and easy, and it can efficiently eliminate heat from mid-range and high-end CPUs. The design is very well planned and built to last. Overall this product is very high quality, and it is well worth the low price.

Thermaltake WATER 3.0 Dual Riing RGB High Static Pressure Fans 240 AIO Water Cooling System

Thermaltake offers a lot of amazing features for a reasonable price that doesn’t break the bank. This CPU cooler comes with double RGB effect radiator fans. They are designed for the ultimate performance with a smart control fan for its user. This CPU also provides a lot of aesthetics towards your entire computer.

This liquid cooling system is very easy to use with a simple setup to be used by any person. It starts with a simple installment process and even provides a maintenance free operation. Thermaltake uses one of the most reliable pump in the entire market. Their pump allows it to have the best level of water circulation because nothing is more important than having the copper plate stay cool. The plate that is used is made with high performance copper which allows the heart conductivity to work better along with pre-filled coolant allows the problem of liquid replenishment to be nonexistent.

A 240MM radiator is installed within and can double cool the surface to lower the intense heat from the processor. There is also two 120mm fans to keep solo cooling performance. An amazing aesthetic for this model is that it can rotate through 256 different colors. The lights can play and pause so that the user can cycle all through the colors. The sound and noise can be alternated and controlled through their program. Thermaltake is an All-in-One liquid cooling system for any high-end CPU. For first timers, installing can get a tricky, but is user friendly and highly recommended.

NZXT Kraken X62 All-in-One 280mm CPU Liquid Cooling System

The Kraken X62 Series LCS cooler from NZXT is an AIO liquid cooling solution for your CPU and cases with 280mm radiator mounts. This CPU cooler is completely compatible with the NZXT CAM software, which allows you to customize, program and monitor this liquid cooling system to your heart’s content. It comes with two 140mm PWM fans, as well as a 280mm radiator.

This series of coolers are very easy on the eyes and they have a very straightforward installation process. Even using the NZXT CAM software is very simple. It’s as simple as hooking up the LCS unit to a USB port, which will then allow you to alter and monitor this liquid cooling system.

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240, High Performance CPU Water Cooler

For how powerful it is, this cooler is surprisingly quiet. The Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 is a AIO liquid cooler that has four F12 PWM PST fans, as well as an efficient water pump and a 38mm deep radiator. These fans were designed with efficient heat dissipation in mind and because of the PST function, the fan speeds are easily adjustable at your will to match increasing CPU temperatures.

Artic made the decision of mounting 120mm fans on each side of the radiator to provide great heat dissipation. This design provides much better airflow. The two fans force air through the radiator while the two fans on the other side pull the air through it. You can easily adjust their speed using the PST function that adjusts speeds according to the CPUs temperature.

With the amount of effort put into this product to make it high quality, it comes with a surprisingly lower than expected price. There’s some higher priced options that will deliver higher quality, but this is a lower-cost option that should absolutely be considered if you’re looking for a liquid cooler for your CPU.

DeepCool Captain 240EX AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

This product comes with one of the most powerful and reliable pumps, allowing it to deliver the maximum amount of water circulation to your CPU. The DeepCool Captain is an AIO liquid cooler that will undoubtedly help your CPU achieve its peak performance. With all the features it has, it comes with quite a balanced price as well.

DeepCool went above and beyond with this liquid cooler in terms of its cooling capabilities. Its 240mm aluminum fins are completely optimized and made to reduce noise, allowing for fans to run at lower speeds. Efficient heat dissipation is also achieved due to the higher air pressure pushed to the radiation that is created by the TF 120 double-blade fan.

This cooler’s steampunk style, cool looking liquid flow and its LED lighting really bring a lot of great aesthetic to the experience. This entire product was seemingly designed with quality in mind, and that’s something every product should be designed with. I would absolutely recommend this product to gamers, or anyone who’s looking for a cooling solution for their CPU.


Hopefully this guide gave you some idea of which cooling option you’d like to go with. As with all our product suggestions, these are all high-quality choices with great proven reviews by plenty of buyers. We never recommend anything that isn’t tried, tested and proven. Always consider the options and make sure that the system your looking at is compatible with your machine before buying.